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Cow Comfort Rolls & Underlay

Animal Friendly, Seamless Rubber Flooring

Alley & Comfort Rolls by Huber Technik

Huber Technik comfort and alley rolls are made in Germany and have all been certified by DLG.

All Huber Technik product are made from "New Tyre Compound", making them the only rolled rubber manufacturer in the world to use this type of compound.Their comfort rolls have been proved to be 6 times stronger than similar products of this kind. Huber Technik has had more rubber roll installed which is still in use after over ten years than any other company in the world and almost 5 million cows worldwide have used Huber products. 

The Huber Technik Alley & Comfort Roll Range consists of; Alley Roll N 15 plus & Alley Roll N 18, Comfort Roll N20, Comfort Roll N 25 XXL Comfort Roll N 33 XXL

These rolls have all been proved to be stronger, more form-stable, more durable and more comfortable for your cattle than any other competing products.

Alley Roll N15 by Huber Technik

Comfort Roll N20 by Huber Technik

Top Cover 4GS & Latex Underlay 

The Top Cover 4GS by Huber Technik is sold in conjunction with Agglorex’s Latex Underlay. The 4 mm mattress top cover with extra strong fabric, when combined with the Latex Underlay provides durability and stability and the rubber surface serves as a wear and tear layer. Latex mattresses have the latex underlay wrapped behind the surface cover roll. There should be no hollow space. This prevents the surface cover from strong folds .The latex underlay used today is significantly stronger, more form-stable, and more durable than the polyurethane rebond foam of earlier soft bed generations. This creates a clean finish without the use of sealant strips! 

Top Cover 4GS by Huber Technik

Latex Underlay by Agglorex

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